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Do you know you can watch ABC, HBO, ESPN live over the internet without paying?

Yes, it is possible now.
I read an article at

TVU Player made it on Digg frontpage some days ago, it is a program that allows you to watch ABC, HBO, ESPN live over the internet without paying for it. Some people have troubles running the program and the TVU Player FAQ addresses the most common problems and has solutions for them, for instance: No picture, no channel list and no connection…

Click on the link to learn more.


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Designer babies cost US$19000.

The latest news on this hot topic:

“Couples flock to the U.S. to choose gender through genetic diagnosis”.

Treatment cost in U.S. Clinics :US$ 19k

When the world is concerned over gender balance, the patients claim that it is to bring gender balance of their family.

” Thousands of couples flocking to U.S. to cash in on the disputed luxury of being able to dictate the sex of their nest baby.

Parents from around the world including India are forking out around $19000 for a groundbreaking gender selection treatment offered by only a handful of U.S. clinics but banned in most countries.

Would you prefer a boy or a girl? has raised ethical concerns and fears that it could worsen an already worrying gender imbalance plaguing counties such as India and China.

More than 50% of the couple that come to Dr.Steinberg for help are from outside U.S. like China, Hong Kong,Singapore,Thailand,Japan,Germany,Britan and Canada.

Using techniques made possible by the discovery of the human genome, eggs are removed from the mother after she undergoes fertility treatment to multiply them and are fertilised with the would be father’s sperm in a laboratory dish.

One of the cells in each embryo is then removed to allow scientists to determine from its DNA whether the embryo is male or female before one of the desired gender is implanted into the mother’s womb to gestate.

“In some places, the impact for sex ratios would be pretty dramatic if people had the power to chose the gender of their child” said Stanford University bioethicist David Magnus.

He however stressed that because PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) was an expensive and complex technique, it was unlikely to be widely used in the developing world or even in the U.S.

Dr.Steinberg also denied that the technique was the start of a trend towards designer babies or even human cloning.”

This article appeared in “The Hindu” dated 16th May 2006

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Designer baby concept.

A british woman has conceived a ” designer baby” selected specifically to avoid an inherited cancer. The woman used controversial genetic screening technology to ensure she does not pass on to her child the condition retinoblastoma, an hereditary form of eye cancer from which she suffers.

Doctors tested embryos from the woman and her partner using invitro fertilisation methods for the cancer gene. Only unaffected embryos were implanted. The pregnancy could increase controversy over the proceedure pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

News sources: “The Hindu” dt 14th May 2006 

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Taj Mahal in peril.

True to our culture, every Indian is extremely proud of Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world.

But the today’s story in “The Hindu’, saddens many hearts.

This magnificent Moghul monument  Taj Mahal is facing the onslaught of extreme heat wave in India and the resultant dust pollution is feared to de-colorise the white marble.

“The heavy dust in the dry air could permanently scar the white marble monument.”

“Located on the banks of river YAMUNA, now dry, allows dust and suspended particle matter to rise and flow in the air and slam into the monument’s surface”.

Do you know some 20,000 workers toiled for twenty years to build this great wonder of the world.

Nearly 3 million tourists from all over the world visit this monument every year.

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