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Great traffic idea for your web site.

Well, we all know that the entire internet is striving for only one thing that is visitors.

And we know about several of ideas to bring in visitors.Some of the familiar methods are email marketing, signature marketing and traffic exchanges.

Do you know one of the most effective method is social bookmarking?For those of you who hear this first time, in this method users store lists of Internet resources, which they find useful.

Often, these lists are publicly accessible, and other people with similar interests can view the links by category, tags, or even randomly.

There are nearly 30 social bookmarking sites I found.Amoung this I recently came acroos a site
What is superior about this?It automatically submits to 17 very popular tagging sites with just one click.It will sublit to the following bookmarking sites.

What you have do?You can sign up for all these individually and give your login details to onlywire.comThen,whenever you visit a web page and you want to save it, just click on the ‘only wire’ button on your browser (this can be dragged and dropped from your account page)

The next page takes you to in which you see the url you wanted to save in a box.You just need to put in your title, a small description and mention the relavant tags to which the site relates to.

After these steps, click the button “bookmark this page’ and you are done.It gets saved to all these 17 sites in an instant.
Try this and you will love it .


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The complete knowhow about blogging.

One of the most visited blog is

As for as I am concerened, I can’t do without it.
The blog is about blogging, blog marketing, blog design, make money from blogs, case studies, interviews, SEO tips, content writing, blog tolls and so on and on and on.

You should visit once to believe what I am saying.

This blog is operated by Darren Rowse, an Aussie, blogging since 2002.
He is my inspiration and motivation.

Visit now:


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