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An excellent tool to find the highest paying keywords.

Are you using only the overture bid tool to find the highest paying keywords?

I stumbled onto this great website which offers a free tool.

I put in a keyword ‘VOIP’.
Look at the search results below.

Details for: VOIP
Max Bid: $4.14

Estimated Daily Search Volume: 225625

Estimated Monthly Search Volume: 6768760

Estimated Daily Clicks: 3384.38 (This is for the top AdWords Position)

Market Value: $420340.00 (This is how much the top AdWords Position would pay for all the monthly clicks for this keyword)

AdSense Effective CPM: $124.15 (Assumes a 60% revenue share from adSense, and a 5% CTR on ad units)

Number of AdWords Ads: 385

They display a Trend Graph for VOIP.
Since I did not know to put that graph here, I tender my apologies.

Number of Search Results
Google 192,000,000
Yahoo! 75,100,000
MSN 3,601,147

I saw a big table with these headers:
Adwords Title Adwords Line 1 Adwords Line 2 Adwords Display URL Adwords Destination URL

This table throws a lot of useful information, which you can use if you are an adwords campaigner.

It does not end here.
They list of potential adsense Ads for: VOIP

Some more tools you can find in their website.

NEW: Whois Domain Finder: This new tools find available keyword rich domain names from your keyword lists.

AdSense Preview Tool: This latest tool for you to play with. Just plug in a URL to see the adSense ads that will be served up.

HOT: Google Search Count Tool: Not exactly for blogging, but this new tool will give you a very good estimate of how many searches a keyword gets on google every month. ( Add to Google Toolbar)

Syndicated – An Article Syndication System for everyone.

RSS password protection: Simple demo showing how to password protect a rss feed.

Trackback Ping Tool: This will let you easily create trackback pings to other blogs with trackback enabled. Especially useful for users of blogger

Yahoo Ping: A quick way to ping yahoo when your blog is updated

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June 11, 2006 - Posted by | AdSense

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